Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Jeff is a good, no...make that -GREAT- dad.
The children love him with all their little mights. Me too for that matter.
They especially love how good he is at finding the coolest kid ipad apps.

Now a letter to my own dad:

Hey dad, thinking of you today, and remembering how your eyes get more green when you're mad (you know, at Shannon and Ryan), and remembering all those times you let me lay with you on the couch while you scratched my back. I could never figure out how you could scratch someone's back for so long. Thanks for teaching me how to clean "every single morsel" in the kitchen and bathroom. It comes in handy in my current line of work;)
We were lucky to have you for a dad growing up.
Some kids aren't that lucky, you know.
I love you.


Anna said...

Beautiful photo.

Anonymous said...

You were a beautiful bride, you know that????

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