Monday, June 14, 2010

Cozy Cocoon

I found this sweet swaddling pocket sock when Simon was a newborn.
He didn't dig it much.
But, Calvin, he's a sucker for it.

I like them because they are thin, stretchy, and soft.
Not to mention quite easy to slip right on your little geedo (that's baby- you with me?)
I use it most nights, and if I can tell his little arms are begging for freedom, it can be pulled down easily to cover just his bottom half.

So, if swaddling is daunting or overwhelming for you (or your swaddle-challenged significant other) or maybe you're searching for a cheek accentuation- a cozy cocoon is just the fix.

Warning: a baby wearing a cozy cocoon may be prone to be eaten alive by onlookers
i'm just sayin'.


Nisha said...

yeah, I want to eat him.

Amy said...

Do they make them for adults? That looks darn right comfortable.

Babajuje said...

You make me laugh...thanks, Mrs. Esq.

Anonymous said...

I seriously think you should go into are very entertaining Kel. :-)
This baby is Jeff over and over....He looks more like him every time I see a new pic. Can't wait to see him next month....whenever he is blessed. LOVE you all!

(forgot my ID so I am mom hehehe

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