Thursday, March 04, 2010

A Snow Filler

This lazy unedited display of a collage was also this past Saturday's offerings:

Nothing like new snowsuits and boots snagged for a steal and a night romp in the freezing rain with your under dressed father throwing you through the frosty, late winter air, meanwhile your mother shouts and knocks from the window:

"put his hat back on! his boot! his boot! he lost a boot! is it time to come in? {knock, knock knock} aren't they cold? his hat fell off again! it's cold out there, come in!"

And it only took us until the first week in March.

I'm over it. Now be gone with you snow.


Angie R said...

Lazy and unedited collage...surely you jest. LOL...I would be utterly embarrassed for you to see what I would call an unedited collage. Very cute pics and looks like the kids had a great time in the snow. :)

abby said...

it's hard for me to relate to everyone's anti-snow mania when i am sweating like a hog. it looks so cozy and fun!

k1 said...

I did the same thing last weekend - stood at the window with H1 and watched everyone else play. And I may have been sipping hot chocolate, too.

Karyn Ashby said...

You are right - it looks just like Chicago.

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