Thursday, March 11, 2010

Have You Ever Had A Snowball Fight in 60 Degree Weather?

we have.

If you're lucky enough, I'm pretty sure 60 degrees is the best way to enjoy the snow, actually.

I was feeling rather blah this morning.
You know, like I didn't want to drag my geedo(that's baby around here)-laden body out from underneath the covers, take the Leen to ballet, the Sime to the library during ballet, walk, talk, take care of humans, and so on and so forth.
But, alas I did all of those things, including the most important thing like stopping at Wendy's on the way home for 2 junior frostys.

Because, if a frosty can't make the day better, what can really?

We pulled into the drive, ran out of the car, peeling off our winter apparel layer for layer, and realized we were on the verge of an up and up kind of afternoon...

The dear people of Rochester know better than to take the sun's presence,let alone warmth, (warmth!) for granted.
Isn't that right, dear people of Rochester?

And to boot (this morning's bad mood would have never said "to boot", it would have preferred a stick to the eye),
I think my winter skin just may have found a slight ever-so-light pinkish tint.

glory be. Spring is here.


Nisha said...

Cute boots! I sure hope Spring is here!

Amy said...

We enjoyed every minute of the sun today. Including making a snowman. I wish snow and warm weather were more common.

Kera said...

great shots. and boobs. can i say that?

k1 said...

I know, the weather has been fantastic! How did it know I was about to go completely crazy?

Amanda said...

I was having a blah of a day yesterday too. But I don't think I was in the mood to have Ethan throw icy snowballs at me since he doesn't have a sibling. And even though I was inside most of the day, I was LOVING the 60 degree weather.

kelly said...

kera- I feel like I am packing some serious poundage in the chesty region this pregnancy. Which is awesome, because the bigger they get, the more deflated they will be at the end of this nursing episode. I for one can't wait.

Jordan said...

You've got that right...about the Wendy's Frosties...and everything else, too. I love visiting here.

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