Friday, February 26, 2010

We Left and Now We're Back

Wednesday, following the makeup extravaganza, I decided it was time to mix things up. So, I did a quick spiffy-up-the-joint Wednesday morning, packed some bags and my sanity and the children into the car and headed off on a top secret mission to New Jersey.

Just short of five hours and no stops later we arrived at my mom's snow covered door step in Lafeyette, much to her surprise. I planted my weary pregnant bones on her plush sofa and stayed that way (mostly) for the good part of a week (you know, unless I was sleeping in till 9 every morning).

The children could be found at any given moment doing things like snacking on whatever they desired, chasing the dog around and around in circles, hiding from Darth Vader, taking another bath, watching movies and waiting early morning for GrammaTina to arrive home from her seminary teaching duties so they could escape our temporary bedroom and run amuck.

Then the weather sent up her red flags. I had to dig out the trusty Jetta and head home. So I did.
Now we're back. And snowed in. And recovering from a food, sleep and t.v. comatose.
More sleep, food and t.v. should do the trick.

Sometimes we thrive.
Other times we just merely survive.

p.s. thanks again to all for the carpet removal suggestions and reassuring comments etc. after last week's cover girl post. I am still finding remnants of rosy blush everywhere.


Hoesli's said...

Wish I could've been there with you! We will see you this summer for sure!

kelly said...

looking very forward to it sist. very.

Amanda said...

Sometimes I wish I could just drive to my parents house for a surprise visit. Unfortunately it would take me 2 days to do that, and that is never something I'd just do. Lucky you.
And yes, rumors are true that I am the owner of a new sewing machine that is WAY too fancy for my novice skills. But yes, we should craft it up. And Ben told me that you have some new craigslist purchases... I'll have to have a looksie. This rumor mill is pretty small if you ask me.

Amy said...

What a great escape.

Karyn Ashby said...

Love the Darth Vader shot.

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