Tuesday, February 16, 2010

We Busted Out the Glitter

Lena was in home-craftin' hands-on-tactile heaven when we made her Valentines to bring to the preschool valentine exchange on Friday.

Bright red glitter still adorns the kitchen floor and rug and table. And I keep finding them on my family's faces..."hold still, there's a glitter on your eyelid".

That stuff is darn hard to clean up.

I should get a medal or something.

Sunday we pumped the children full of the chocolate treats we picked up on our way home from date night then did a little exchange of our own.

Esq. and I decided long ago not to get carried away with Valentine's Day.

Instead we hand write each other haikus and leave it at that.
It's always a treat to see what 5,7,5 he comes up with.

Hope your Valentine's weekend was filled with luv.
(did you write that on your hand folded letters in middle school?)


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