Friday, February 05, 2010


I'll address yesterday's post soon enough. Some of you brave souls want more information. Imagine that.

But know today there is something strange floating around our home and it shows itself in the ugly form of kneeling toilet-side and subsides at the act of nibbling saltines(which Lena calls sultans).

We had Jeff home with us all day yesterday because of it(a rarity). After the children went to bed last night, it had me in it's awful grasp. The being wiggling around inside me wasn't helping matters.
For now, I'm just waiting for the children to get that look on their faces. The look of pitiful desperation. Have you ever seen that look?
I'll be there armed with paper towels, a bucket, and tall glasses of water

...because, the show must go on.
That's the beauty of motherhood.
So grown up and responsible, that ol' motherhood can be. Just take a gander at how artistically glamourous being sick and folding laundry can appear to be in black and white:

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
(Or the one with the black and white filter)

Because I'm pretty sure pictures like this define me more than any other kind.

Here's hoping for an illness-free weekend filled with color.


Hoesli's said...

I still think you should be a writer.....seriously.

abby said...

ugh, i hope you all get to feeling better!

(and i'm still trying to process the idea of the diva cup. seriously?? i'm not as crunchy as i thought.)

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