Tuesday, January 12, 2010

All Together At Last: A Very Vaisey Vacation Part 1

Steve & Rebekah and Co. had a flight cancelation on the way to their sunny destination(coming from their sunny home, go fig).
It was Christmas Eve and they were to wake up Christmas morning in a hotel. Uncool.

But alas, Christmas afternoon flew them to us and we were all together again at last. I think my heart skipped a beat when I saw their jet lagged, bloodshot eyed faces.

And then it was cousin love at long lost sight.

So, the festivities began at sundown. Matching Christmas jammies and all.

The down-the-stairs-stampede did not go without incident:

Bop Bop and Baba Juje, the ones who made it all poss (*tear wipe) Aren't they sweet?:

Sime Sime's loot...approx.. one gabazillion Cars:

Leen Pock and ZuZu become proud new parents of Bitty Twins:

What? You don't wear matching onesies (while 5.5 months pregness) with your sister and mother-in-laws? That's weird.

The first of many stunts these blood-related weasels performed:

Then it was off to the kitchen with the women folk to prepare the Christmas night's feast:

Then the of-age crowd stayed up till 2 am just to make sure we started the week off right.
And so ended a greatly weird but equally enjoyable Christmas day experience.

Stay tuned, more to come.
But I promise I will try to make it quick and relatively painless.
like a band aid. we'll rip this puppy right off.


Rebekah V. said...

I think I will be routing people over here from PUV! That way you can do all of the work of recapping Dis 2009. Plus you are funnier.

Rebekah V. said...

Also, love the matching onesies. hi. lair. eeh. us.

Babajuje said...

I don't recall signing a waiver with regard to those completely disgusting pictures of that large green ugly old lady! Help!! My reputation is being decimated. I will sue! Love the pics of the kiddos, though. Nothin' like egg rolls for Christmas dinner...out of a box, no less!!! Nice job, Belly. Oh, and Rebekah? You have no deficit in the humor department so get off your lazy duff and get to it. PUV is waiting!

kelly said...

oh plz, you wear the onesie well juje. i am feeling the picture load heavy. i gotta unload these suckers and get on with my blogging life. for realz yo.

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