Saturday, December 19, 2009

Jerky USA

Yes, this post is about beef jerky. But before you click away, hear me out.

Arrived yesterday, a big ol' sack full of varities of Old Fashioned Luther's Smokehouse Beef Jerky. (and buffalo jerky? not sure about that one, Esq.)

But, holy moly! this stuff is de-lec-ta-ble. I think Sime has been gnawing on his strip for a hour. No sugars added, it's pure beef and salt & pepper in every savory chew. Now, I'm not one to easily excite about the tastings of beef jerky(surprised?), but boy oh boy this stuff is mighty tasty. Pure protein and iron for the craving pregnancy bod. And it seems to have an effect on my speech as I can't stop talkin' cowboy.

"What in tarnations"?

So , y'all (I'm disgusting) run to check this stuff out (they didn't even pay me to say that) Especially if you have a jerkyaholic for a husband, or apparently a wife for that matter.

Whew. Now I need to go turn off the computer, step slowly away and reflect on the passionately shameful post all about dried meat goods I just supplied you with.


Rebekah V. said...

This is so funny. I went through a jerky phase last christmas. weird.

k1 said...

Yeah, I'm not usually one to crave jerky either. But get me hiking or camping and suddenly it is the most delicious thing. Why is that?

Beach Hendersons said...

Ok....nothing wrong or disgusting with Ya'll (so important it needs capitalization). But where I share you love for many things.....chewing on dried not one, even though "ya'll" comes naturally to me. Now my native born Carolinian husband, well that's another story.

Amanda said...

Well, you haven't tried my Dad's beef jerky. He makes some darn good jerky if I do say so myself. It's a soy sauce base, and a top secret recipe, but perhaps while we're in UT in February I can convince him to make a batch to bring to our jerky lovin' friends in Rochester.

kelly said...

carla- ya'll is in no way disgusting. i am in every way disgusting in using it to blog about beef jerky. your ya'lls= adorable.

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