Monday, December 21, 2009


Five years ago today we sealed the deal. In the Palmyra Temple with our dear friends and family present. On a wintery snow-covered December afternoon.

Jeff lost his recommend upon arrival to the temple that morning. I remember mildly freaking out about that.
I wore uggs under my dress as we marched in the snow for photos.
Jeff in his patent leather shoes with frozen toes, slipping around at every step.
Rosy cheeks and red noses.
Looking at my husband wearing a shinny new ring on his left ring finger. I really loved how it looked on him.
Me, making sure I was looking my best at every pass of a mirror, reapplying and readjusting.
The drive to the reception alone together in our wedding attire for the first time as husband and wife. The stares and honks we got on the way.
And knowing not soon enough we'd be whisking off to our hotel room for the night, then on to our honeymoon followed by the rest of our lives together.

And today, I am so happy to be his wife.


Amy said...

Happy day to you! Love the pictures, the dress, the description.

Anna said...

Gorgeous. Happy Anniversary!

Corinne said...

Congrats! I love these pictures. Oh- the paint color I ended up with is called Light French Grey...but it is blue :).

Rebekah V. said...

Congratulations! I remember the day so well and I remember the feelings that overwhelmed me as I toasted you two. I was so eager for your success and I am so pleased to see the family you have become! See you in a few days. whatev.

Brigadoon Alumni said...

Whatev? Florida is going to be a fine place to celebrate not one, but two anniversaries. I am happy to babysit every night as I have no clothes that fit my very large behind. I am the luckiest m-i-l in the world with the best d-i-ls anyone could ever ask for!!!!!

No one has asked about the Brigadoon Alumni pseudonym yet...what's up? Do you know who I am????? I could be some creep stalking you and your beautiful children on this here blog! Ha!!!

kelly said...

Oh, I know it's you , juje. it made me laugh the first time i read it.

thanks for the well wishes all.

Amanda said...

Tender. Love that you wore Uggs under your dress. Sounds like something I would have done had I gotten married in NY in the winter. Since it was summer and I was in SD I wore flip-flops.

Wende said...

Happy Anniversary! We got married on the only sunny day in January in Palmyra just a few years before you. Gotta love those winter weddings. I wish I had thought of Uggs......
Gorgeous pics.

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