Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ride Rody and A See You Soon

This is Rody.

He is beloved at our house.

Fought over in fact.

Pushing, tears, and crying are among the things usually involved when we bring Rody out to play.

But, a good time is had, even if only for a few moments before your sister comes along and knocks you cold to the ground.


Welp, we're off to Virginny. Then we're off straight to the Poconos till next Thursday. Lucky us. Lucky Jeff, he needs a serious vacation.

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Decker & Christine Smith said...

Hey Kelly!
Decker had a blast with your family this weekend. Can't wait to see the pictures! Anyway, I didn't mean to kick you out of our blog...sorry about that! I think I can get Jeff's email from Decker, and I can invite you that way, but if there's another email address you want me to send it to, just let us know!


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