Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A Motherly Milestone

I dropped her off at ballet class today.

Her first real drop-her-off-class. We talked on the way there. What it would be like. Who would be there. I peered at her through my sideways-tilted rearview mirror. Her hair was in a bun and she was fidgety. She scratched at her leotard and kicked off her shoes. She was staring out the window singing along to a White Stripes song.

It was like a Mack Truck. It was fast and I didn't see it coming. The tears. All of the sudden I felt chained to her. I panicked at the thought of dropping her off and driving away. I was aware of the fact that it was only an hour and she was beyond thrilled to be going. But still.

I parked the car, we took the elevator up with her sweet teacher, Mrs. Reback. In a short time, other tiny ballerinas showed up. I kissed her goodbye and she pranced gleefully away. With Simon on hip, I gave myself another moment on the stairs to let the motherly emotions flow, then we put ourselves in the car and drove away.

Whew, sure wasn't expecting that one.

We met a face full of happy upon pick-up, and there was plenty to talk about on the way home. Success to say the least. For her anyway.


Jalene said...

Cute. :) I miss being a ballerina.

Carolyn said...

what a sweet time to remember :)

the only problem is....what the crap do you do with 45 minutes of free time (when away from home)? I get distracted way too easily to go and actually get something done.

Amy said...

Maybe there needs to be more dancing in nursery:)

Corinne said...

On Tuesday Carter went to kindergarten....oh did the tears tears. My heart got squeezed a lot that day! I can just imagine your little ballerina scratching on those itchy tights! I love your blog, seriously!

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