Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Bear Mask and Two Coats of Bold

We're involving ourselves in a preschool co-op this year.
April (first mother up to bat) has set the bar high.

She spoke right to Lena's heart when they made this bad boy:

all poor-ish quality photos courtesy of the iphone using two different camera apps

A bear mask, that she uses to scare us.

And a very special bonus debut of the very yellow painted armoire. When I finished slaving away, I slapped a few new knobs on her from Anthropologie. (I've got my eye on some of their new ones I need to find a home for)
But, I told you it was cheery. Didn't I tell you? I believe the paint can said "confident yellow". Go bold or go home they say.
So I one up-ed them and went bold whilst IN my home. Mind bomb.

1 comment:

Anna said...

So cute. The Boy still refuses to wear his mask. LOVE the yellow!

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