Saturday, August 08, 2009

This Morning's Family Breakfast at IHOP

A conversation:

ME(taking a long drink of my water in hopes of washing down my pile of french toast-& said in my head):Hmmm, that's some interesting tasting water.
JEFF(taking a drink of my water): This water tastes weird. 
ME(becoming strangely defensive about the taste of my water): You just never drink tap water. I drink tap water often. Sometimes it just tastes different.
LENA(in her best getting-away-with-something voice): IIIIIIII SPIT IN IT! 

Ahh, a hint of apple juice. seems about right.

Then she reached over across the table and helped herself to the rest of my bacon.

1 comment:

The Fawson Family said...

flavored water. She is so creative.

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