Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tonight as we were "putting the children to bed", Jeff asked Lena what the biggest word she knew was.

Her answer:



Then she climbed in Simon's Staycation crib and demanded her herd of beanie babies be brought to her at once.

Also- you should know that Simon threw my camera into the pool the other day. The ugly draw back to the invasion of the In-Laws.
In other recent events, we rented 17 Again last night (because movies suck lately, right?) and I have to say, it had just the right amount of high school-humor predictability we were looking for. Plus, Zach Efron didn't give me the dry heaves like I expected him to, I actually quite enjoyed him in it. And I can't wait to see him in this.
Don't judge me.


April said...

Judge you? No. Insist that you take me when you go see it? Yes.

Amanda said...

Don't judge me either. I just checked it out from redbox about 30 minutes ago and plan on watching it solo... that is unless Ethan wants to watch it with me.

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