Monday, August 24, 2009

A Bunch of Mouth Breathers

While this weekend was jam-packed full of fresh paint and finishing touches it was also full of sleepless nights, humidifiers, nebulizers, and the breathing out of the mouth for two members of this family. In other words:

Simon and I are sicker than dogs.

It really snuck up on us and it is nothing short of aah-noy-ing.
But seriously, Simon can't catch a break- the poor fella. His immune system has not been kind to him to say the least.
So today we will be wishing hard that this monstrous head cold passes us soon, and in the meantime we will be doing things like keeping ourselves contained and wiping snotty noses with t-shirts and/or anything we can find in close range (because I'm that kind of mom;)

Also- a little note to self: black beans and cheese only next time we take the kids to the new Chipotle.
Spicy guacamole and chicken + hungry and unsuspecting children = YOWZA!
talk about clearin' the sinuses- hell-o!


The Fawson Family said...

poor you guys. get better soon! Tate has had a case of the coughs for the past week or so and it stinks!

Anna said...

I saw your hubby at Five Guys last night. Sorry you got sick! I felt bad for you AND him.

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