Friday, April 17, 2009

One Sock's Journey

A certain stripped sock has been missing from our sock collection for months. Since October to be exact.

Yesterday, it found its way home to us.

While we missed it dearly, we must inform its temporary owner that we did indeed have other socks of the like to fill in the gaping hole that was the case of the missing sock. And, although, yes, tiny Sime has outgrown his long lost pal, we will keep it (along with its reunited brother stripped sock) for a another day and another baby (and to clear the air- this is definitely not an announcement, for those of you who chose not to scroll down to see the April fools joke played on you)

So, welcome home little fella. & a gigantic thanks to Lauren (wife of Burkey Boop) and our dear friend.

Mystery solved.
Join us next time for the case of the missing winter glove.

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