Monday, April 20, 2009

At The Movies

Early one Friday evening, Jeff and I took the children to see Robots vs Aliens.

in 3D, no less.

We had a jolly time together taking in the atmosphere and all that is the movie theatre experience. We shared and finished (twice!) a gigantic bag of popcorn between the four of us (warm, no butter, please) and laughed our beaks off (they laughed at the movie, and we laughed at them laughing at the movie). It was a very pleasant way to spend a early rainy evening.

Have you been to the movies lately? We love it there.

and it's a good thing our credit card points allow us to stock up on Regal gift cards, because it just so happens to not be the most wallet-friendly family activity, and more importantly because we just so happen to be movie-going-kind-of-people.

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Jen Richards said...

What a great activity! Bryson has really wanted to see this movie (and take Daniel) but we are not sure if he would sit through it. I know what you saying about movies not being a 'not a wallet-friendly' activity! We LOVE the movies too and really wish it did not cost and arm and a leg to see one :) Thank goodness for the dollar theater.

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