Thursday, April 09, 2009

A Bare-Bunned Suprise and Etc.

As we settled down to watch the second session of conference on Sunday, Jeff glanced outside to see GrammaTina making her way up the drive. SURPRISE! Why, we weren't expecting you GrammaTeen! (I knew I had some reason to scrub the toilets on Saturday even though I really didn't want to) Speaking of toilets, Lena was on the toilet when my mom made her entrance, so she popped in on her to find a thrilled and beaming bare-bunned granddaughter.

This just in: As I sit here and type mid morning(which can be dangerous around these parts) Simon is reeking havoc pulling every single wipe out of the wipe container one by one spreading them madly around, so we'll make this short...

GrammaTina stayed to help make Lena's birthday bash come to pass, and for once, this visit didn't entail any sort of major organizational tasks (even though it could and probably should have)

She put this one to sleep multiple times
mexican food never disapoints, and mom agrees
she taught Simon how to blow his nose
and how to scream..oh wait, he already knew that one
happy as a clam waiting in the car with GT (that's short for GrammaTina) while I ran some overdue errands. BIG help.a few tubs in the mix too (btw-thanks to G&G Vaisey for the beloved Dora bath castle- these two could stay in the tub till they shriveled to the size of raisins playing with it)
I just love when my mom comes to visit.

It makes me feel invincible, because I am convinced I can do anything when she is in town (that includes sleeping till 10, which is actually not hard to do) She always lightens my load and has the ability to soak up my children to the very last drop, or enough to last until the next visit, which is never too soon.

Aren't moms the best?

I know mine is.

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GrammaTina said...

What sweet things you say about your ole mom...awwww shucks! :-) It's so easy to love those 2 kids of yours...just as it is easy to love you. I am so glad to be a part of it all! :-)

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