Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Event: schmeboo turns 3

When: april 6, 2009

Where: home sweet home

Guests: a family affair- mom, dad, simers, grammatina, babajuje, bop bop, dylan

A birthday banner was slightly altered to display a different name. A labor intensive cake was made and devoured. Homemade pizza was baked to a golden goodness and gobbled up. A couple of gifts were presented to the birthday girl, lacking no excitement, of course, and the intimate bash ended with a gathering in the kitchen for a mini dance party. A good time to be had for all.

After the guests said their goodbyes and hurried to their cars on a very brisk & wet night, (all aside from grammatina who was staying!) Lena curled up beside her favorite person- daddy. They cuddled and stayed up watching movies together close till 11. The gift that trumped all gifts no doubt.

wishing hard... Mmmmm
Here's to her fourth year being slower than her third.


Amanda said...

Your childrens' birthdays are sure to trump my child. The cake was gorgeous. Homemade pizza? An altered banner?!?! Staying up late with Daddy?!?! Even I'm jealous!!!

Beach Hendersons said...

Such a beautiful event it seems. Very enjoyable for all. That cake is awesome. She was seriously wishing??? Oh and simon's sweater...irresistable

GrammaTina said...

A grand time was had by all who attended...Lena is a trip...Simon is so fun...I LOVE to visit! :-)

Deborah said...

Wow! what a cake!

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