Thursday, March 19, 2009

Vintage J+K= <3

This is the old us honeymooning- vintage 2004

But, the newer us is headed to NYC this weekend (tomorrow in fact) for a much needed marital retreat. And oh what a treat it will be!

The "plan" is to drive to New Jersey, say hello to my mother and Robb, throw the kids' bags at them, kiss their faces, head to the city and party like its 2005 (remember, that's when we didn't have children yet.) Oh how we love our sweet bundle of geedoos, and even though we will probably think about them every second (or at least every other second) we're gone we need to steal away. Stealing away will be fantastic as I see it in my mind. Oh the possibilities the city will bring! A cozy borrowed hotel room, a Broadway show perhaps, some delish dining, some shopping, lots of hand holding and plenty of dreaming. We are lucky ducks.

so dearies, ttfn as my mother-in-law, babajuje would say.
More than 8 hours consecutive sleep here we come! Hurrah!


henderson said...

Ooo, that sounds delightful!!

April said...

Enjoy the sleep. If you take a nap, think fondly of all of the rest of us sleep-deprived parents!

Corinne said...

Holy smokes I am so jealous! Have a fun time :)

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