Monday, March 16, 2009

The Irish and Luck and Sun

We will be doing a few things today:

1.) Wearing green

2.) Spring (SPRING!) cleaning

3.) Getting the yard ready for its new color (that would be green)

4.) Staying outside...because...well it is perfection out there.

(also, our list should include thanking the luck of the Irish for this rare blessing of sunlight and warmth in these cold gray parts of the world)
jiggity jig!

If you are in the Rochester area and it's still daylight you're probably not reading this because you are outside basking in the goodness of the sun and kissing your front lawn while your children leap for joy in its bounty. And, if you're not, you probably should be. We're headed back out riiiight now. Go...GO!

Oh, and p.s. we will also be wearing smiles today too. A Happy St. Paddy's Day*, indeed.

*In case you were buggin', apparently I started this post last night then picked it back up fresh this afternoon, but in fact it IS Tuesday, the 17th (aka. St. Patrick's and its green festivities Day)


grammatina said...

Don't forget to play your Irish Brite Music song...

"today is the day for the wearin' o' the green....


Pinch pinch! See you tomorrow?!

grammatina said...

btw, what happened to Sime's head?

Beach Hendersons said...

That's enough. First you tempt me with bread, now it's the warm sunny weather. March came in like a lion and has stayed that way nonstop. It has rained, poured or drizzled for the past 2 weeks. Isn't it supposed to be yucky up north, not at the beach???? Sime's head...booboo?

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