Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Party in January

Simon turning one is yesterday's news.

He's a toddling maniac for pete's sake. Nevertheless, he was a giant sweetums on his birthday, surrounded by the people who love him the best.

The Event: A celebratory gathering for reflecting on Simon's very first year of life

The Day: Saturday the 17th (had celebration on actual birthday with just us 4)

The Place: The home in which he came into the world

The Guest List: Mother, Father, sister Lena, GrammaTina, Robb, Babajuje, Bop Bop

The Theme: A themeless happy homemade birthday (including a birthday banner cut and sewed with love by yours truly and a made-from-scratch delectable chocolate cake if I do say so myself)

We drank Virgil's Black Cherry cream soda (yum), sparkling grape juice from our fancy glasses, chowed down on organic black bean tacos, and watched as Sime devoured his special birthday boy cupcake. Lena was even kind enough to lend her breath to blow out the candle. I like to think Simon's wish was to have a glorious up coming year playing along side his sassy sister.

let it be known that Lena donned her fanciest of dress up dresses on this monumental occasionthe beloved wooden alligator walker
It was a heck of a day. That boy.

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Amanda said...

I love the banner! I may have to borrow it, or you'll have to teach me how to make one for Ethan's b-day. Luckily it's still 3 months away. I can't believe Simon is already one... crazy.

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