Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Canal Days 2008

Event: Canal Days

Place: Charming Village of Fairport, New York

Activities: Walking walking and more walking, buying fun stuff we don't need from various vendors in tents, dancing in the streets to the array of extremely loud bands playing on every corner. Consuming an obscene amount of traditional Canal Days treats: candied cashews and peanuts, gyros the size of your head, never ending bag-o-kettle corn, and a treat that really should never be eaten outside of events like these for SO many reasons: fried dough covered in a heaping mound of powdered sugar.

The days events also included ringing out our sweat drenched clothes at the very end of the day and jumping into Juje's pool.

Oh Canal Days, how I love thee. Shall we do it again, say next year, same time, same place? OK? Good. I'll bring me, you bring the food.


Shannon Hoesli (Whitmer) said...

You sure like looking artsy fartsy don't ya?? My very stylish sist....and her cute chubby cheek bebes!!

Kelly Whitmer Vaisey said...

from the posts, you may assume I only wear that dress everyday, but this is not so, I promise I have other clothes. you're the fartsy.

Amanda said...

We were going to go to Canal days, but it was so stinkin' hot that we decided to spare the little newborn from head-sweat and back-sweat. Maybe next year though... what I wouldn't give for a gyro the size of my head! At least I know there's a gyro stand at Park Ave Fest. Maybe I'll start counting down to that.

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