Wednesday, April 09, 2008

When Nature Calls

Time: A Beautiful Saturday Morning

Place: Mendon Ponds Park

Event: Nature Walk

Highlights: Feeding birds out of our hands, seeing hawks and owls, eagles and deer, squirrels and chipmunks, and visiting the Nature Center (the day's activities also included but weren't limited to tree hugging...and tree kissing, picking up sticks and running on the trails in the mud)

Lena the tree hugger
She hugged roughly 20 trees before the end of the hike

Simon's nature walk perch
Outdoor attire in April for Rochester, unfortunately, still includes a hat and scarf (a brisk, yet pleasantly enjoyable time)

Jeff getting his morning workout

Me and my two cutie-pants happy trailers

A sweet vid of a bird actually eating sunflower seeds right out of my hand

'Till next time dear Mother Nature...


Brandi said...

Cute!! I love the tree hugging and kissing pictures! :) Sorry about the cold, we will be thinking of you as the kids run through the sprinklers in their swimming suits... ;) No, it's not that warm yet, but it's coming... :(

Anonymous said...

I love the video! You've been dying to do that! lol We'll have to do it again when we come up. Lena loves the outdoors, doesn't she?
Luff you....

Steve Vaisey said...

Wow, the bird eating out your hand is pretty awesome. Nice one...

Jenn said...

the vid is AWESOME!!! your kids look so cute all bundled up! And your little tree hugger is totally adorable!

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