Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Do You Hear That?...

...It's the sound of THIS house singing a lovely tune just for us!

Well, we did it! We finally found a house and it feels goooood. Alas, a home new sweet home to call our very own. This house definitely has some 1940's charm we were craving when looking in the Brighton area. Best of all, it is close to, well, everything. Including the bus stop where Jeff can commute the 3.7 miles to work and back everyday!

Aside from some paint on the walls and updates in due time, we don't need to do much before move in time, which will roughly occur October 19th. I say roughly because we are actually headed down to Buena Vista, VA for SVU homecoming that weekend. We will start moving things over the following Monday. We have tentative plans to fly my dad, and hopefully brother, out that next weekend for a nice visit. (and to help us paint:) I think the first thing to go will be all the hunter green the previous owners seemed to be quite partial to. Before and after picties to come. But for now, WE CELEBRATE!! HIP HIP Hooray for 105 Bonnie Brae Avenue Rochester, New York 14618


Corinne said...

Many congrats from us! You are going to love being home owners!!!

Shannon said...

Can't wait to come visit!!

Almanac Zach, JoJo, Sir Isaac Fig Newton, Sophie Granola Bar said...

Congratulations on your new home!
It was great to see Jeff and Lena at Julie's in July...sorry we missed you!
Enjoy decorating!
Zach and JoLynn

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