Tuesday, May 08, 2012

It's Never Very Far From My Sweaty Palm

My mom's not on instagram. My dad's not on instagram. I think it's safe to assume Jeff's grandparents aren't on instagram. A lot of you aren't. But a lot of you are.
So many ares and aren'ts, so little time.
I'm not making any sense at all.
What I am doing is taking a lot of pictures on my iphone.
Oh, here's some:

A  friend of mine once said in the comment section of this very blog, and I quote,
 "Basically instagram is a gateway drug to total mediocrity. I get it. "
-The Wise One and Mother of Four

I get it too.
Do you got it?


communikate. said...

Kelly V! Look at you blogging your little heart out. I'm impressed.

I however am not on instagram. Insert: boo hoo. My lame droid that just happens to ONLY be 18 months ago (a.k.a dinosaur in the phone world) is not current enough for instagram. The travesty.

And you make the middle part in your hair look amazing and chic. I just have weird uneven eyebrows and big forehead that has me crawling right on back to the sidesweep every time. UGGH.

Oh, and early June?! That's SO SOON!!!!

aubry. said...

let's not condone robin's lame blogging skills by promoting {celebrating!} her mediocrity. c'mon!

blog, robin, blog!
{high five to you, kelly!}

and looking at these pictures all at once the second time is just as great as watching them all flow through my feed the first time.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to KWV for bringing so much happiness to so many with her blogging skills, which are almost as good as her nunchuck skills, bowhunting skills, and computer hacking skills...

Love, Babajuje

robin said...

i said that?! i am wise!!!

and thanks aubry. cut a girl some slack!

however, josh did get his floating cursor fixed so i vow to blog more. starting tomorrow. because there's no better time to start than tomorrow.

i love all your pictures. no, I LOVE ALL YOUR PICTURES!! (it deserved to be all caps.)

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