Tuesday, January 03, 2012

You Should Know, I'm Blogging About Christmas Right About....Now

Christmas feasting/junk hangover, sick children (because of candy canes for breakfast?), my mom and brother's visit the entire week following Christmas (!) and a general lack of motivation: these are the things that have kept me from posting. 
I know posting about Christmas in January is like totally ew (right Bek?) but...
nope...I got nothin'.
It was a lovely Christmas this year, aside from the tense 30 minutes we spent looking unsuccessfully for the camera flash on Christmas morning. Calvin stole the show this Christmas and the lalas (vaisey children pacifiers) he got in his stocking and a certain raccoon puppet were his favorites. All morning it went: eat candy cane, lala, eat candy cane, lala, eat candy cane. 
Staying up late Santa-ing watching Christmas Vacation wrapping till my fingers bled, sipping on Pittsford Dairy eggnog while Jeff finished the over 7000 lego labor of love for his Star Wars-crazed son was for sure a highlight. Then the low light was when I followed through with getting Jeff nothing and he getting me all sorts of cool and/or thoughtful gifts. 
Here are the rest of the highlights:
And a Happy New Year to you.
I have just two items on my to do list for 2012: have a baby and keep 4 children alive and happish. The rest I'm going to totally wing it.
Wish me luck;)


Sean and Jeannette said...

Don't feel bad about the presents-it was a smart tactical play! Can you imagine if it were the other way around? I'm grateful our husbands know better than that!! Ha! Merry Christmas, kayvay.

communikate. said...

I love christmas morning hair. It's the best photo moments.

Good job on blogging. At you're not blogging Christmas on Valentines day. Things could always be worse! :)

And I didn't tell you this (I let the cat out of the bag a little too early whoops!) but a certain person that you and I know both know in real life might be with child. That's all I'm saying. :)

chelsey meyer said...

i haven't even posted about christmas yet. sooooo....

also, is this your house?! i mean COMMON.

Rebekah V. said...

I love your manageable new year's resolutions. And really, they are pretty ambitious. I mean, at one point you will be actually making a SPLEEN. Like a human spleen. So. Not to shabby. As for Christmas post I love to read it now and I love to see your home all rearranged and your family all christmas sleepy. Not ew at all. blogging in general maybe ew but late christmas post...not ew.

Lauren said...

Your house looks fabulous. How do you do it with three kids and another on the way?! MIND. BLOWN.

robin said...

seriously kelly vaisey. you are making us all look bad.

(i love your piano, btw!)

how can you even handle that picture of calvin with his lala with the sun on his face? pure sweetness.

i love it all, ALL, ALL!

Julie Vaisey said...

Honestly, if these kids weren't already partially mine by some operation of law and/or genetics, I would steal(as in kidnap)them. Like NOW, but not really now because I am too tired from being old and teaching Seminary sooooo early in the morning. Maybe I will kidnap them this summer when Rog makes his entrance.

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