Wednesday, January 25, 2012

There's Always A Birthday In January

This year we experienced our first with-invitations-and-friends-legititamately themed-birthday party:

Fun (synonyms for fun: loud, busy, germ infested) place of his choosing for Sime and his friends to burn some wintertime steam? Check
Friends and Balloons? Check
Food and Cupcakes? Check
Presents? Check!
Goodie Bags*? Check
*and as an added special bonus (to their parents delight?) everyone went home with a hand crafted lightsaber that doubles as a summertime pool saber!

Simon woke up that Saturday morning his sweet and easy to please self (whew) and he proceeded to gasp at everything he laid his eyes on all day, from the balloons to the cupcakes, to the birthday banners and the plates and napkins.
Sometimes I wonder why I go to any trouble for birthdays, but Simon reminded me all day. 
He had so much fun and was so happy all morning. It was birthdaytastic;)
I was on the ball this year with the pre-party buying and most of the best things came from etsy (r2d2 cupcake tops, banners, lightsaber candies, darth vader t-shirt) I think the most I did was spray paint the mini waters with left over gold paint to look like c3pO (this four year old's got a thing for droids) and instruct BabaJuje how to assemble the lightsabers with trusty duct and electrical tape while we were busy jumping in bouncy houses.

The moral of the story is next year, who knows if these children will have their birthdays remembered. I'm trying to be prepared, so when the disappointment comes pouring in we can look at all theses pictures and say, 
"Remember how much fun your 4th birthday was?!"
and we will remember it was goooood and fun. Then the new baby will cry or something like that.
  I rest my case. And I LOVE that four year old. Really really really love him.


chelsey meyer said...

would you be upset if i named my next son simon, in hopes of him being your simon...would you be wildly offended if i was so horrible to say that i might kinda think simon is my favorite of your kids? ONLY BECAUSE of that post you wrote about him and how he holds your hand when crossing the street and yadda yadda, i'm pretty sure i cried...and i mean it. but lena is a CLOSE second after i watched her photobooth videos, multiple times. and well babies 3 AND FOUR haven't said anything as equally hilarious or adorable, though they must likely will be both...SO REALLY, i love them all. i really do, and yes in a weird internet blog creeper stalker kind of way...but every time you post about simon i just eat it up because he has got to be the sweetest boy. plus i absolutely adore middle children, they are always the sweetest...

i'm a terrible person and i'm sorry.

but on another note, hello mom of the year. this party is incredible. seriously, your kids are the luckiest. so much creativity. come plan elliot's party. i'm lazy. plus then we could meet in real life.

chelsey meyer said...

...and bring simon.

Rebekah V. said...

high five. you made up for ALL of the parties that I DIDNT do this year with this one. It turned out great and I have to say that I love the swim noodle ligh sabers.

wish we could have been there.


Amanda said...

The light saber has been a big hit at our house. As in Eleanor has been hit with it a couple times. I kid! Ethan had such a blast at his tendy-buddy's birthday bash. I've got to get my act together for this "Lego Batman" party that Ethan has requested. Why must children have such narrowed tastes at such a young age?!?

abby said...

holy cute kelly! you are really putting us all (me) to shame!

and happy birthday simon! you are really really cute and i enjoy reading about your antics.

Julie Vaisey said...

Light saber assembly available. Call 555-1212. Party was a huge hit! One piece of advice...make all the sabers the same color to avoid end-of-party meltdowns.

GrammaTina said...

This blog was awesome. I cried. :-) (really I did, you know me). Wish I could have been there. Everything looked spectacular. Simon's sweet face melts me. I love you buddy!

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robin said...

amazing. i am amazed...

those light sabers are SO great! and i love that simon. oohhhhhh! so cute!

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MaryPosa said...

Aaaaah! Yay for Star Wars parties! Our kids would get along famously. Everything looks amazing. You're like a party-planning Jedi.
AND congrats to you and your family on the newest padowan (if that's even how you spell it) I've been away from the blog world for awhile, so sorry for my belated felicitations. :)

Megan Marie said...

coolest mom award!

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