Friday, October 21, 2011

The Part Where I Begin Speaking Strictly Fall Related Matters

he did not get his eyelashes from me but I wish I could get mine from him
The fallish thing we've done aside from our trip to Virginia was Simon's preschool co-op field trip to the apple farm. There were sweaters and boots, there were trees with apples, there was cider and 7 three year olds with their moms and many younger siblings. Oh, and afterwards there was ice-cream. Slightly less fallish, but with pumpkin on the menu it seemed more than acceptable.
kids in a wagon. Eees cute, no?
In our front yard we have one of those trees that hangs on like a balding man to his comb-over, clinging to its last leaf until just after the first snow fall, letting down a consistent blanket of yellow and orange in the inbetween time. I've been meaning to get out there and get the clean up started but I just can't bring myself to do it. Vacation messes up everything. And our small window of fall simply cannot afford dilly dallying. I think it's pessimistic of me to admit after the second week of a month I pretty much declare that month over. I'm the same with birthdays. Two months past your last birthday, you're basically the next year older. That's probably why sometimes I actually have to take a second to remember how old I really am.
Now that we've recovered more or less from suitcase mode I dedicate myself and my children to the season. To the season! Because it's almost over you know.


Tiffany said...

that wagon is *very* cute!!!!

robin said...

the other day i really did forget how old i am. it was the weirdest moment.

and i love your fall posts. i may give you grief, but deep inside i love them and they give me hope.

and that picture of all the kids in the wagon is delightful. perfection!

Md.Abdul Aziz said...

I am very happy for your picture setting. That is so cute!!

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