Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Bit of Excitement and Celebrating, but Not Too Much

The bigger deal we make out of something, the more indecisive about a situation she seems to be. She's this way with simple decision making too. 
The amount of drama involved would lead one to believe the decision of ice cream flavor was to determine the outcome of her fate forever. Maybe it will. Maybe it won't, but the point is is that it's totally her, and so on the eve of Kindergarten, when I heard my friend was going to grace her Kindergartener with the same, in lieu of a big production dinner we made Sundaes. Also totally her.

this goodness fueled her through her first day

Then we ended the evening with a bath(Kindergarteners shouldn't have ice cream in their hair on the first day), and a first of many for-the-new-school-year-Father's Blessing.
A "quietly special" way to start the school year I think, yes.


Julie V. said...
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communikate. said...

Stop making me want to have babies like yesterday.

She's going to rock kindergarten, plus i bet she's one of the most fashionable ones there too.

robin said...

such a great post. some of us need choices, some of us, not so much.

that last picture is an award-winner. i love the sprinkles all over her hand! so great.

grammatina said...

I too love the picture with sprinkles all over her hand...the one of Simon and Lena laughing at Calvin is priceless too....LOVE these children.

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