Thursday, September 01, 2011

It Was Saturday and We Went To Palmyra

Sometimes the only thing to do when you have little children is to strap them down and go for a drive. So on Saturday evening, that's what we did.

Because I'm not entirely sure we've ever taken the children to the Scared Grove, and the Joseph Smith House and the Temple we decided to make that the end destination. They've never been there!? How can that be?
There's a saying for stuff like that: taking things for granted.
A little Lena running to her heart's content

And so it was the first time we had been there all as a family, walking on the temple grounds. The place Jeff and I, nearly seven years ago, inside the then snow clad-temple, were sealed to each other and to any future children we decided to bare. We were the only ones roaming around and running in the grass Saturday evening and it was nice. That's the beauty of the small temples. And Palmyra specifically has so much land and space. It's really beautiful there.

And the Grove...Jeff proposed in that grove you know. Well actually in the parking lot of that grove. He pulled that diamond ring out of a tiny clear plastic bag that was burning a hole in his pocket on a regular day in July and I witnessed something rarely seen, an awkward and nervous Jeff. Then he asked me to be his wife forever. And I said yes, and here we are together with so much yet so little life behind us.
I don't think we even knew the weight of that decision then. In fact, I'm sure of it.
We lost Boba Fett there on those meaningful and sacred grounds on Saturday, and years before found the beginnings of a life we are so blessed to have.
Saturday evening together felt like real proof of power in the small and simple things.

And expressing so many feelings this consistantly sappy and sentimental as of late doesn't necessairly mean I'm pregnant.
At least I hope it doesn't. It's time for precautionary measures. Did I just talk about birth control on the blog? Yes, I think I did.
When I got pregnant before Lena (an early miscarriage) I knew it the instant I started bawling while watching Patch Adams at my sister's. Patch Adams, people. It was 2005. And that movie is awful.

Here's to more trips to the sites and more space between baby number 3 and 4. You know, if baby number 4 is to exist.


communikate. said...

a coupla of things:

1.i love that you talked about birth control on the blog.

2.great story of the proposal.

3. i would love to visit that area out there. so beautiful.

4. i grew up four hours away from the grand canyon and have never been. yes, the grand canyon that people come from all the world to see. take for granted.. yep. :)

abby said...

i want to go there! it looks amazing. how cool that you have so much history there.

Katy said...

Looks so peaceful there :)

How do you do your collages? I just love them.

robin said...

our kids have climbed the same wall, walked the same paths and run through the same grass! they are connected. (oh, and ollie has simon's shirt. of course.)

i love how you are waxing so poetic lately. keep it coming. and for the record, i think you're pregnant.

(the parking lot of the sacred grove also holds a memory for us. that's where oliver had a febrile seizure...)

kelly said...

Katy- I do them in Picasa. easy peasy.
abby- come visit!! but seriously if you ever take your family to pageant...

mom said...

Kelly, it is interesting that you posted this about Palmyra. I love that place. A man in Anderson drove a bus to Palmyra filled with LDS youth on a trip from the Indy North Stake. They talked to this bus driver about the church and took him to the sacred grove and guess what? Today I attended his baptism. :-) There were a bunch of youth from the Indy N Stake in our Anderson ward building today to witness his baptism. Awesome spiritual experience. I love your blog my dot...and I miss and love you.

whitney johnson said...

i haven't been to palmyra in years but it sounds like such a special place to you and your husband. these are such adorable pictures of your little family! :)

Rebekah V. said...

Chewy and R2 and lost Bobo Fett on sacred ground. That is good stuff.

I love that we get to bring our kids there so often. Today I wish it was closer because Delia asked me "do you think I will go through a teenage time where I don't think the church is true?" Then she went on to ask all kinds of questions that were really tricky and I wished for a sacred ground to take her to. Maybe we will make a weekend of it soon.

Rebekah V. said...

ps. Awesome birth control moment. The best birth control is actually pregnancy itself so maybe you have it covered.

Anonymous said...

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