Thursday, June 02, 2011

I Wonder How Many Times She Will Graduate Before Graduation

We got there early and had seats in the front row.
That is unusual for us(me).
It was Lena's preschool graduation and I wasn't going to watch it behind a sea of heads. I wanted to savor the last moments of her preschool-hood. The songs were just as they should be and I remembered my camera but forgot my memory card. BabaJuje's came on loan to the rescue. I didn't cry, but her teacher did-bless her. She was born to this earth to teach preschool. Well I'm sure she has other purposes, but teaching preschool is up there at the top.
The emotion of her growing up so fast catches me off guard. Completely out of nowhere and randomly my eyes welt up with tears. They are made up of one part pride and one part sadness that this stage is over.
I'm happy when the emotion comes, it means underneath all this kid-raisin' shell shocked exterior I still have feelings.

And while graduating from preschool isn't really something Lena accomplished(everyone's a winner?)- we indulged her for the day because for us, this milestone is huge.

This means she is moving on to the next thing.
It's the bittersweet inevitable.
And I'm sure this won't be the last time I blubber on about it.

Then later on during the day she pestered and teased Simon till he screamed and cried and I was happy again she would have somewhere else to go for stimulation.
After all, Kindergarten is only half day.


communikate. said...

she looks like a cool cat!

so, super crazy that you know jodie auger! small world indeed! i love the connections that blogging makes. that's why we all do it right?

robin said...

you said it perfectly. amen.

and please, blabber on...

lena is adorable and i'm so proud of her, like i'm her aunt or something!

Jodie said...

Oh, that amazing Mrs. Hadzima. Of course she cried. She's incredible and yes indeed, meant to be a pre-k teacher. She has more patience than the rest of us....combined. :)

Congrats, Miss Lena! (And Mom!)

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