Friday, May 06, 2011

In My Next Life I Will Live On A Farm

Once upon a time (2 years ago) I wanted to raise chickens in the backyard. I did some research, presented my case to my less enthusiastic half, called and checked to see if it was cool with the town of Rochester. Then ever so slowly the dream lost speed and fell to the wayside (that faded dream scenario is sounding all to familiar).

Then 1 year ago last spring I gave birth to my own baby chicken (actually a human baby we call Calvin) No desire for baby chicks when there is a newborn to tend.

And upon the first signs of spring this year-it was as if I could sense their fluffiness hatching from their shells I knew this was the year we would snatch ourselves up some sweet baby chicks, take them home to raise and call our own...pets.

When the Saturday struck, my fellow wannabe-chicken-raiser friend Katrina and I piled the children in the car and set off to the country.

The adoption story of Toots (pronounced like "Hey Toots, I like what I see...") and Dolly:

Then 3 or so weeks passed by and grow they did (and smell they do!)
But it's ok, because those utilitarian pets of ours will be producing eggs in no time.
And although they have basically doubled in size and aren't as fuzzy anymore, they still sound super sweet- like a little hamster wheel turning round and round.
Do you have any questions?
Do you think I'm crazy?


robin said...

yes i think you're crazy!

but if we still lived in charming upstate new york i would be tempted to something crazy like this as well.

but we live in florida, and i don't think people have chickens here. do they?

kelly said...

Crazy? No! Jealous me? Yes! I luckily can buy my ultra fresh eggs from a friend just up the road,without having to care for or smell them myself. But you can bet, some day I'll be joining you...and asking for tips :)

Anonymous said...

Josh's mom has chickens. She actually just got about 6 more, so no one in the family has to buy eggs anymore. It's great!

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