Friday, April 15, 2011


A new birthday dress and shoes gifted and worn all day and a family party was thrown.
Also some requests were made:

a giant barbie head to put makeup on
a trip to Kango (chuck e cheeses' suave uncle)

Typical 5 year old girl birthday wishes? Check check and check. Easy peasy.
Even half of the neighborhood gang (aka Lily and Peter) came over bearing streamers and homemade gifts. They were in their jammies and they stayed for cake.
The cake was my attempt at this.
It took forever, but turned out cute. Stupid m&ms.
Balloons, there's always balloons.
And unbridled happy screams, and her favorite treats- most of which were eaten that night right before cake.
Peter and Sime eager to help un wrap.
Simon is all about birthdays. He gives us all birthday gifts to "unwrap" every day.
Ring pop & cotton candy: a very sticky and very happy and very sugar-rushed little Lena Rennes.
she's 5, she's 5, she's 5 (she's five!)
Birthday child samich kiss.
Noted: chubby chin and hand on my face, little brother eating the table.
New doll bed: Binners tested and approved.
You grow attached to things you spend lots of time on.
It's only natural.
Pleased as punch.
She opened the giant Barbie head immediately after this.
My first born turned 5 and I handled it pretty well.

(because I was too busy putting m&ms on that cake to even think about it;)


Henderson said...

First of all: Happy Birthday Lena!

Second, I am always so impressed with your super cool mothering and artistic abilities, and this party and cake are no exception! What a labor of love--almost too beautiful to eat! I think we should hang out so your awesomeness can rub off on me! (Not sure what I would bring to the table, but please consider...) :)

April said...

You made that cake??? Unbelievable. That is an amazing cake.

Kris said...

Happy Birthday, Lena!
Can you throw my next birthday party (30-yikes)? M&M cake, pop rocks, ring pops, balloons, and crown = one awesome party!

The Fawson Family said...

Way cute! Ava's birthday comes up quick and I was desperate for some good ideas. Thanks for the inspiration. Youre a great mom!

Politics in the Pod Gal said...

That cake is insane! It looks amazing!

grammatina said...

Another great cake!

Julie@HapaLAB said...

Happy Big 5 Lena! Your mommy is amazing and that MS cake is pretty style and in taste:) She looks like one happy 5 year old Kelly! Beautiful party, full of mommy love...

robin said...

what the cake!!?? amazing! i would have never attempted such a feat. you are mom of the year.

and i know you mentioned this before, but our kids are identical ages! it's crazy!

being five is a big deal and you captured it beautifully. happy birthday lena!

communikate. said...

that cake is stellar! all those m&ms look perfect and a pain-in-the-you-know-what.

kelly said...

stephanie- i will come to arizona and move in with you and we can hang out in the pool.

thanks guys, the cake was easy and painstakingly time consuming.

abby said...

this is like my ideal party. totally cute and inspiring and you know it was fun for the kids, and i can bet you didn't spend $500 on it. i'm just tired of the $500 parties, ya know?

Lauren Elizabeth Stanford said...

ummmmmm how in the heck did you get those m&m's where the inside walls of the cake are??? That is so good! I am impressed. PS what kind of camera do you use? All of your pics are really cute :)

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