Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Well, Um, Actually A Pretty Nice Little Saturday Planned

And it only took us until 1pm to get out of the house this time. That might be a personal best.
We ate lunch at Moe's (Chipotle's less tasty cousin) and picked up some house treats at Pier 1.
Have you ever taken your children in there? It was pretty comical the 5 of us walking through the tiny glass-cluttered isles. Every other phrase spoken was,
"Oh that's really cute, Don't touch!, Get off of that please! Put that down."

I think the trip was most stressful for Esq. and the friendly Pier 1 workers. Will they break something? Won't they? Nobody knows. Saturdays are my only chance at places like that.
I came out with a sweet little piece on clearance I am hoping to makeover.

We made a couple more stops then one more and bribed the children with the promise of ice cream if they behaved through one more place where they couldn't touch anything.
While we were in Dick's Sporting Goods picking up a few more weights and misc. items for our P90x needs (may I recommend picking up your tickets now...to the gun show...ba DUM ching!) Lena asked 100 times from the back of the cart 5 minutes after entering if we were going to get ice cream.

"Can we have ice cream!?, When are we going to get some?, Are we going to get some? Can we go now?, Let's go get ice cream nooow pleaaassse!!"

She's lucky she ended up getting ice cream instead of a fat lip. My mom always used to threaten us with that "fat lip" speech. I think it has become one of those things to say like, " Oh I'll give you something to cry about"
Saturdays are work just like any old regular Tuesday,
but they certainly aren't something to cry about.


Rebekah V. said...

I have taken my kids into peir one before and that is exactly what it is like. I have never attempted to take steve AND the kids because then someone would most certainly end up with a fat lip. The kids (via steve) or steve (via me). a happy family we indeed. just not at peir one.

Rebekah V. said...

ps. i like your sweater. after power ninety extreme (as milo insists on calling it) I plan on being able to wear your clothes. Tell your closet to watch out...I'm coming.

kelly said...

that sweater is actually a sweater dress and it is coz. I picked it up at H&M a couple of weeks ago- even after I swore I would stop buying articles of clothing with stripes.

grammaTina said...

I never gave you a fat lip, did I? I may have threatened though....you kids did like to test the waters....lol

Where's the blog of my and Ryan's visit? :-)

kelly said...

maybe once.

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