Wednesday, March 09, 2011

I Heard Kissing Noises Coming From The Living Room

Lily and Ari are our cross-the-street neighbor girls.
They are six and in the first grade.
They like barbies.
Their barbies like kissing.
Lena cannot contain herself over this. She instantly morphs into a giggly (pre)school girl.
And despite the fact that I tried to get Lena to not like barbies, she requested and pleaded and begged for one for Christmas. So I hunted down the most decent looking ones, bought them and changed their clothes into some vintage barbie dresses that were given to us forever ago.
I played with barbies when I was little and my body image is only slightly skewed.
Is that inevitable in this day and age?
Will it be the demise of the barbie doll?
Probably not, but I think some would agree that at least it should be.
The boys stuck with zombies on the ipad. (if you're out there- sorry Emily)
And when Ken's clothes started coming off I asked,
"Who wants play dough?!"
(and for the record it was my child who took off his tux)
we retreated to the kitchen to play with dough and have a snack.
Silly girls.
Stupid barbies.


Donsher said...

Haha! My son, when he was 4 or 5, used to strip my daughter's barbie naked and shoot baskets with it. I asked why he stripped them down, he said it he didn't their clothes got stuck in the net!!!!!

kelly said...

Ha! Barbies are good for many uses. I remember being sentenced to my room until it was clean, then instead of cleaning my sister and I would engaged in a marathon barbie session that lasted for hours. Sist? You remember?

ESOdhiambo said...

I blame Ari.

Hoesli's said...

Hmmmm. Brings back just a few memories.....we sure had HOURS and HOURS of fun playing with our barbies. It only seems logical that Lena shares that same experience. Don't you think? I know what I'm getting her for her birthday :-)

robin said...

i don't know how i feel about barbies. i really don't. before i had kids i vowed NEVER to have any barbies in the house, but, well, now we have like 10. so...

i don't know. it's a weird thing.

and macy is totally asking for a boy barbie all the time... ack!

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