Friday, March 25, 2011

He's Coming Back

It's like having a little seester but better.
He babysits
He fixes
He paints
He repairs
He organizes
He landscapes
He .....changes diapes!
and he'll make cookies at midnight for you.

He is Ryan, younger brother extraordinaire , and he is coming to stay with us for the next three weeks.
I'm bursting at the seams and making lists of things for him to do.
I'm all about the family labor.
When we go out with the children together, people think we're married.
"Aw, look at the reaaally young married couple with three kids!"

And if you're lucky, Rochesterians, I'll let you take advantage of his (paid) service.
You know, after he finishes my very long to-do list;)

Welcome back, Whiskey Tango.
Let the midnight baking begin.


kate said...

my little sister was in town this week (she left this morning. so sad) and it was awesome. she's the funniest... maybe next time i'll talk her into some handy work around the house.

robin said...

little brothers are the best. when one of mine visited last fall i referred to him as my manny. maybe your brother would like that?

my other little brother is coming on wednesday, and i could not be MORE excited! little brothers rule.

kelly said...

little brother's DO rule. I mean, there is probably a little out there that does not rule, but 99% of them rule.
yep kate- handy sisters would be a killer combination.

ESOdhiambo said...

I'm so jealous--my little brothers are totally useless. Even the one who can write prescriptions: useless.

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