Tuesday, March 01, 2011

A Good Way To Put A Banshee To Bed

fun fact: despite popular belief, a banshee can take on a male form from time to time

1. Announce that bedtime is near and watch a display of intense energy and noise flow throughout the house.

2. Chase the banshee down and lovingly force pajamas onto it's flailing body (older banshies must dress themselves)

3. A banshee must have a hot press on his or her face to wash off the day's muck. (they like muck, but they like the warm wet cloth better)

4. Certain banshees need promises of more bedtime stories if they brush their teeth. (if they do not comply, a supervisor will lovingly commence force brushing- this is not ideal or pleasant but sometimes necessary)
5. Make sure to water your begging banshees now, because your chances at skipping this step are slim to none
6. Read to the banshees. This can include a calming longish story, but if it must include an exciting adventure be prepared to re-tame wild banshees.

7. Sing. (this step is entirely optional but can have tremendous soothing affects on certain restless banshees)

8. Pray. Pray to make it through the next day alive, and be sure to be thankful for the joy the banshees bring.
9. Kiss the banshees, switch off the lights and hope for the best knowing full and well your job might not be through.

10. Repeat every night until banshees realize sleep is not the enemy.
Good luck.
and goodnight.


Donsher said...

Another great post!!

GrammaT said...

Ha....we used to call you kids banshees....cute blog entry Kel.

kelly said...

oh i know it. and now i know why! thanks for putting up with your banshees so we could all grow up and have banshees of our own.

Amanda said...

Amazing to see how the 3 beds in that one little room work out. Props to you guys for making it work. Not that I know how well they all sleep in the same room. Hopefully YOU are getting more sleep though. And is Calvin pulling himself up?!? What a champ. He's going to be walking before you know it!

The Ohio Leavitt's said...

Calvin has got so big! I love his red hair. If only our kids could like sleep much as we do!

robin said...

such a cute post, kelly! i wish your banshees could meet my banshees.

Babajuje said...

I want you to publish this blog in book form NOW. You could sell this. Cracking me up every time. I would, however, want royalties on the red hair contribution. Maybe halfsies with Gramma Teen. Love you all so much.

j. said...

where did you get the cute crib??

kelly said...

the crib is from.....Walmart.com
it kept popping up in cute nurseries on apartment therapy which is where I originally saw it. Simon was a baby and we needed a new crib so I snatched it up. It comes with a drawer at the bottom but I didn't like it (and could foresee my children climbing and sitting it in anyway) so I took it off. It's been a nice little crib and quite affordable compared to all the sweet modern cribs out there. I bought the dresser from the set too and it sits on the opposite wall.
So now you know:)


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