Saturday, February 05, 2011

The Staycation Starts Today

or at 6:15pm Friday when Esq. walked through the door and the children and I clung tight to his suit pants.
Jeff is taking vacation all next week (all glorious week!) and we've got some practical and some not so practical things on the docket:

Organize the basement (I saw this in a sky mall magazine during my last flight and I need one, unlike most of the useless things I need in sky mall magazines)
Organize the closets including cleaning, folding, and putting away every last morsel of laundry (I like IKEA's skubb line for drawer/closet organization, maybe some of these)
Deep clean the house
Go to the movies
Go to Great Wolf Lodge (have you ever been? have any tips to share?)
Rearrange the "office/den"
Rearrange the children's sleeping quarters
A trip to the Toronto area IKEA (I like this for the playroom, this for the dining room, this to warm me, and this for Binners...luckily limited vehicle space will keep me grounded while there)
Convince BabaJuje to have the children over for a sleepover (Juje?)
Relax etc. (this one I'm not as concerned about)

Can you tell I'm in a desperate need to push my reset button?
I'll probably keep Lena home from preschool all week and Jeff and I will most likely stay up late every night watching t.v. and movies and doing P90x together and bargaining who has to get up with the children the next morning.

It's going to be down and dirty and it's going to be great!


robin said...

that sounds amazing. come to florida! i will welcome you with a pair of new flip flops...

Rebekah V. said...

Although I am happy that you will be pressing your reset button (which we really need to do too but which I have zero motivation to do) I am also sad that you might not be available to chat away the days and the laundry and the dishes. Stupid Esq. Why does he always get what I want? (which is your company.)

kelly said...

Robin, you promise?
Rebekah Vaisey you should know- there is always time to chat through chores. always.

abby said...

this sounds amazing. i want that. (said like the lady in napoleon dynamite. do you know what i mean or am i sounding crazy?)

we are doing p90x too. let's have a competition to see who can look more like a bodybuilder first, kay?

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