Monday, January 31, 2011

A Trip to the Arctic Tundra, Or to the Rochester Zoo in January

On Saturday, we coated up and booted up and went to the zoo.
It was snowing and 20 degrees and I resisted the idea when Jeff brought it to the what-the-heck-should-we do-today-Saturday agenda. But in the end, aside from the smell of the indoor monkeys (awful beyond awful), we throughly enjoyed ourselves.
The sharp winter air turned out to be just what we all needed. Imagine that!
phone pics using vignette camera app- makes the simplest days seem like a work of art;)

Have you ever been to the zoo in the snow?
It's quiet and peaceful and you don't have to push your way through to the front of the glass to see the sea lions. We saw two rhinos go head to head (cabin fever?), the polar bear (we never see the polar bear), and the tiger pacing and growling ferociously back and forth right next to the fence. I felt bad for him. The children enjoyed his presence.

the last picture is Binners freshly peeled and sweaty from his baby snowsuit. One day I will eat him from start to finish.

Winter at the Rochester zoo might make the animals bonkers, but it also makes our bonkers family of animals just plain happy.
So happy together. How is the weather.


Amanda said...

Quite possibly my favorite lyric in all the oldies world. Other than the ones that rhyme "groovy" and "movie". One day we'll hit up the zoo when it snows. It'll probably have to wait until we get a family pass or something. I'm not paying for that kind of entertainment!

kate lines said...

you are really pretty. (and so are your kids!)

kelly said...

i should have known you'd pick up on the lyrics amanda. and jeff likes taking the children to the zoo. it's more his thing than mine. there's a hundred other places I'd rather go. but the snow makes for an interesting outing.

kelly said...

and kate- you're the nicest. go on...

Rebekah V. said...

ditto to what kate said. I love the picture of you in the snow with all of the kids. Actually one of my favorites of you of all time. Also love that you lot of animals escaped your own winter cage and went to the zoo. ps. my word verification is actually "sperm" what?that's a real word ya know.

robin said...

i will jump on the train here and also say that you are pretty. because... you are!

and brr. your pictures made me shiver and no offense but it was 80 degrees here today.

MaryPosa said...

You are a brave lady, which makes sense because you also totally look like Princess Leia in that first picture.

It looks so icy, I think my bones are starting to hurt.

Also, did I ever tell you how much I adore and love babies with red hair? Well I do. :)

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