Thursday, January 06, 2011

Dying To Know Anything...Anything!?

Wondering what size of jeans I wear? How many cavities I have? How I feel about the Transformers movies (hated them)? Which is my favorite child?

Well, just in case you have something you want to ask me but you're too (chicken) shy to leave it here in the comments, I went ahead and set up a formspring account so now you can ask away.
It is conveniently located on the sidebar beneath where you can send your love mail --->
So, technically if you wanted to be mean, which I know you don't, you could because I would never know it was actually you.
Maybe you want to know nothing.
Or maybe this will be a disaster.
Maybe just because I'm feeling frisky today.
(that is a really gross cat-like thing to say)
as soon as Esq. gets a moment to teach me how to divide "The Summer of Vaisey" into small blog-friendly Vimeo sections, that will be up and running.


GrammaTina said...

I love Lena's messy hair in this Simon has a sweet smile...

kelly said...

When I look back on her childhood, this is the hair she will always have in my mind:)

teamBoo said...

Lenas face is like a miniature kelly here (i say that like we hang out??) She has so much personality its ridic.

p.s. i want simon's highlights

robin said...

that picture is absolutely the best thing ever. cherish it.

Nisha @ Healthy Mom's Kitchen said...

i LOVE Lena's face!

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