Monday, December 06, 2010

It Was Really Cold But We Got One

This weekend we were hermits. We barely left the house for anything. But we did leave the house to get our Christmas tree. The cold took me by surprise, 20 degrees really sneaks up on you.

So we spent our Sunday evening decorating the tree and watching the snow fall inch by inch from inside, safe and warm by the fire eating pigs in a blanket and drinking glasses of Pittsford Dairy eggnog (if you find a nog that is better than Pittsford Dairy I will cut off my left arm).
The first snow fall, the smell of Christmas tree permeating the indoor air, nog, fire-
we have impeccable timing.

I wonder how long it will take for Lena and Sime to beg me to take them outside to eat/play in the snow. I wonder how long they'll accept "when your dad gets home" for an answer.


Kera said...

sounds ideal.

Amanda said...

Nothing like the smell of fresh pine in the home. Not that I'd know since our tree is a fake one.

Ethan got to go outside yesterday while Ben shoveled snow and had a meltdown when we took him inside. What a baby! When asked what he wanted for breakfast this morning he said, "I want to play in the snow!" I have a feeling I'll be telling him the same thing daily that you must tell your kids.

robin said...

1. why do you have to look so cute while getting a christmas tree?

2. very ideal timing.

3. and dads are the very best for going outside in the snow with the kids! the BEST (and in my case, the ONLY) option.

teamBoo said...

you are so old fashioned looking and adorable! I'm jeal.

I found a new solution for my daily scumminess...stay tuned :)

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