Friday, November 05, 2010

It's Gworgeous Out There

The children have been given strict orders to spend as much time outdoors as humanly possible because as sure as hail and snow in Rochester on Halloween, winter is just around the corner. It's then when the cabin fevers set in.

don't let this seemingly peaceful scene fool you, Lena was burying Simon's beloved stuffed dog in a bed of leaves and he was wigging out- while I tried my best to stay uninvolved

but soon it was time to intervene

Maybe it's the fact that I had my eyes checked a few weeks ago and I'm wearing my contacts more frequently than last year, but this fall has knocked my socks off!
our own beautiful Bonnie Brae Avenue

mother/daughter shadows

the sun saying it's last goodbyes looking forward to its winter's absence

And to those of you who don't really have a fall, (or a winter for that matter) just remember to think fondly of us come February when you're raking leaves in short sleeves and we're scraping our windshields wearing Parkas in 17 degree weather long after the magical feeling of snow has faded for the season.
We totally deserve fall.


robin said...

beautiful. and you do deserve fall. having lived thru two upstate new york winters, i know.

this morning the temperature is down to 63 degrees (a cold spell they say) and i have opened up all the windows and am sitting in the open-window breeze. i am lovin' life...

your neighborhood is gorgeous! i want to live there.

teamBoo said...

your street is like a movie. I don't blame you for enjoying fall :)

You need to do a collage of the Vaisey childrens' shame filled puppy dog eyes peering from behind objects. They should own the rights to that look...

Skout 48 said...

I miss the East...I only remember the snow in Boston, but looking at your, that's a seriously beautiful fall...enjoy!

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