Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Things You Do When Your Dad and Brother Visit

First of all, fight the urge to have them demolition your downstairs bathroom.
You reaaally want them to go to town in there because you are sick of how u-g-l-y it is, but they are only here for a short period of time and strangely enough they would rather chillax than take on a monster project like that.
(maybe for another time guys?yes?)

Then you'll probably send your father outside with his beloved grandchildren to the trampoline to burn some energy. He will throw a red ball at them while they fall over in hysterics.

They will tire of this fairly quickly so it's off to feed the fish at Powder Mills Farm.

Then after the 7th quarter is spent on tiny smelly fish pellets, you decide ice cream is in order. But not before you discuss what the pellets are. Your father will think it's just plain ol' dog food. You don't think it is though.

After ice cream the little brother is due to arrive so you take your father with you to the grocery store so he can see for himself-first hand what it's like to shop with three very young children(think double hockey sticks) Then greet little brother and head off to whip up a family favorite back at the homestead that is called navajo tacos.
y u m.

Afterwards head to the movies where the three of you will see The Other Guys and laugh out loud but you'll get frantic texts from your at-home husband stating your 3 month old babe is screaming his precious lungs out. He will voice his concern to you about the screaming. Then you will race home, refuel the baby's empty tank and tuck him in bed.
Then make sure to stay up till 3 a.m. talking about life stuff, the three of you.

The next day, wake up and dilly dally for a few hours then head to the cottage to spend a day with the lake, the jetski, and a cookout-traditional style. Upon comparing, you will decide you get your small legs from your father. Little brother has the same ones. But say your goodbyes to little brother after sunset because he has to drive home late night. A new job will be waiting for him the next morning.

Your dad will stay for one more night. He will make pancakes for breakfast and clean up afterwards. Then he'll do some odds and ends around the house before you pack the little ones in the car to drop him at the airport. The children will send him off well by screaming all the way there. Especially the baby. His send off will be the best one.
And by best, I mean the loudest.

Kiss him goodbye and tell him you love him and that he needs to come back more often. Drive away thinking you really had a great couple of days with him. Fight back the tears because you didn't realize how much you missed him.

Last of all, narrate a detailed blog entry in a slighting annoying way to recap your festivities with him. He would like that after all. Almost as much as his actual visit with you and his loud but very sweet grandchildren.

The end:)


Beach Hendersons said...

I was moved, the kind where you touch your heart and miss your own dad as you narrate. I was moved by all the sweetness that surrounded each and every activity. I was moved by how the light hit just the right way in every picture. I was moved by your children's sweet faces, but most of all I was moved my Simon's Dora life jacket, and I'm not talking the touch your heart, I'm talking the hold your tummy and don't laugh too loud bc your kiddos are upstairs sleeping kinda moved.

Babajuje said...

Have I told you lately how glad I am that you are part of our ETERNAL (yup, sorry it's the long haul) FAMILY??? I love you to pieces, Belly Whitmer Vaisey!!! xoxoxoxoxoxox

abby said...

that was so sweet. i think you have the cutest family.

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