Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Back To Business and Back to Cloth

I took a mini vacation from cloth.

There, I said it.

I figured on top of taking care of me, my house, and my other two children, a load of stinky diapes every day was asking too much of my mom and the other kind people involved with postpartum healing.

A few weeks ago, I busted these puppies out again and it feels good to be back.

Of course, I will have to purchase something fun and new in the cloth world to make it exciting again.
So, I got a couple of these babies.

I like the self-sufficient feeling that accompanies cloth diapering. Knowing that diapers are only a wash away, not a trip to the store-
and thinking of all the money we have saved using them for the past four years, potty training with cloth, swimming with cloth.
I think the money saving factor appealed to me at first but the economic benefits are tough to beat-a few thousand less diapers in the dump.
Sounds good to me.

I've used a smattering of diapers since Lena was born.
-prefolds and an array of covers, fitteds and wool, all in ones, and pockets.

I think I settled on using mainly a pocket diaper like the bumGenius Binners is wearing because of it's ease, and I like that I can add extra cotton at night.
Combated with a wool cover and my babies almost always wake up dry. Plus these are the same diapers Simon wore on his baby buns and they still work like a charm.

If your curious or you want some resources for learning or buying cloth diapes(believe you me, I've done enough work for the both of us), email me, I'm happy to oblige.

Then you can take pictures of your cute baby in cloth diapers and admire your handy work.

Don't mention it mother earth.
You either pocket book;)


stacie and geoffrey... said...

i feel annoying asking you these questions because clearly i have full use of the internet, but you gave me permission!

-I was looking into going cloth last month, but got overwhelmed with all the options and didn't think they were idiot-proof enough for me.

-also, unless I was looking at the wrong brand, i thought they looked like they would end up being less cost-effective than disposable, so disposable won.

would you mind emailing me the brand you use/where to buy/how to use/ant other tippys you got for me? im clueless!

robin said...

i thought about cloth diapers once, but i didn't do it. i always wish i had tried it... but now i'm too lazy i think.

but anyway, i've loved all your recent posts. i haven't commented in a while... sorry... and now i'm trekking it across the country so i'm signing off for a few days. see you on the other side! hope i have lots of whoopsy vaisey posts to check...

Sarah, Steve, and Dalia said...

We love the BG diapers! I always find that prefolds and wool covers to the best for my little one. I love BG for day time use and especially when we are out and about.

We didn't start cloth until Dalia was 10 pounds or so-seriously? I don't think I could have handled it until her bm action slowed.

It is good to see that they really can be reused so many changes later. This post makes me feel like I made a good investment!

robin said...

My previous comment made me sound like a big dork...

The Fawson Family said...

email me were to get them, please. I think I am ready. David wants to know how you do the pooh part.
Thanks for your genius.

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