Friday, June 25, 2010

Sum Sum Summertime

Sime at the cottage on Father's Day

With summer in full swing, the trips to and fro BabaJuje's swimming hole are becoming more and more frequent. And they aren't about to let up, because the California Vaiseys are packing their hearts out this very moment, and headed very soon to our neck of the country for an 8 week stint (8 weeks people!) and we are HAPPY!

Pool, cousins, sun, food, double dates (and probably chins) galore.

Let the summer of Vaisey begin.


Amanda said...

Family is awesome, but don't forget about us cool kids in Rochester. Ok, I'll admit it, double dates, the pool and cousins tend to be a little bit more exciting than anything I have to offer.

robin said...

oh my that sounds so fun! there is nothing better than cousins. nothing. and eight weeks? awesome.

can i come?

Beach Hendersons said...

Simon is getting so big. He's developing into quite the little man.Lovin' it.

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