Monday, May 03, 2010







The first meet and greet went without incident.
Lena soaks him up like a sponge, and Simon enjoys kissing him whenever he enters the room and driving his cars "gently" across the top of his head.
When I'm not feeding him, I'm sleeping (on my stomach!) next to him. When I'm not sleeping next to him, he is in my arms. When he isn't in my arms, I'm taking a picture of him.

He is the best.
And we're the luckiest.

I just hope to be singing the same tune once my reinforcements leave.


Hoesli's said...

He is so cute!! And I LOVE love love the red hair!! Can't wait to hold him!

Jalene said...

gosh darn it. congrats! what a beautiful little boy. such a cute family.

Beach Hendersons said...

I couldn't really see the red hair in the 1st post...but I'm loving it.

Deborah said...

Beautiful Pictures!

robin said...

sleeping on your stomach = heaven

Carolyn said...

REEEEEEEEEEED. i love it. I thought red head mormons were just a Utah thing? way to represent on the East Coooast!

Congrats my friend. Strangely i actually remember being awake at 2:00am on May 1st. Basically what i'm trying to say is Calvin/your "vage" and Sonny are totally in-sync.

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