Sunday, May 09, 2010

Have A Happy Mother's Day!

I know I will.
Even despite the fact that I will be missing our little sunbeam's first singing primary performance in sacrament meeting this morning.
But that's what iphones are for, right?

My heart is full today.


Amy said...

She did great. Happy day to you.

Amanda said...

I can second Amy in that she did great. Of course it took some coaxing for her to stay up there without Jeff and Simon on the steps, but once they got down, she was all into it. Knew the words and everything!
And thanks to Lena and Simon, Ethan was thoroughly entertained during sacrament meeting today. Plus Lena even wrangled him from the stand when he tried to get to Ben and attempted to pick him up to bring him back to me. I guess she didn't realize that Ethan weighs as much as she does. Simon also made sure to "shush" Ethan when he was getting too loud. Those kids of yours sure make me laugh, and I hope you had a great Mother's day with them... and a few good hours without them :)

The Ohio Leavitt's said...

Kelly, He is sooo cute! How exciting to have some red hair

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