Friday, May 28, 2010

Because When He Was Born

it was warm and beautiful and the light poured in through every window.

My camera battery has been dead for a week now.
I'm infamous for letting batteries die and stay that way,
just ask my cell phone.

Although I have nothing to show for his 4th week of life, the day after Calvin's birth it was charged and ready for action. That's when these foldy-limbed pictures were taken.

Aren't they the best kind? The foldy-limbed ones.

(how soon before you get sick of the never-ending newborn pictys?)

It's pretty amazing to think hours before these were taken he was in those same positions safe inside. The birth already seems so far away and I have yet to sit down and write his birth story.

Now he is in constant need of protection from the eagle-like screeching and bar room brawls that take stage in the living room.

No shortage of chaos around these parts.
No shortage of luuuv either;)



Holly said...

Hello Kelly,

I'm friends with your SIL Bekah(as she is known to folks from her hometown)and I want to say congratulations on your beautiful new baby boy. Everyone loves a redhead! It's lovely to see a happy family and you somehow convey your happiness without seeming unreal or annoying. Well done! My favorite post so far is the one in which your little girl transformed herself into a perfect Rainforest Pygmy using your makeup. I cannot tell you how much I love it. I saw a Cindy Sherman pic at the MCA in which she also transformed herself into a pygmy and your little one could give her a run for her money.
Best Wishes to your family and post more baby pics! I'm already jonesing.

kelly said...

Thanks for the comment, Holly. A friend of Bekah's is a friend of mine;) I truly miss that gal.
Lena writes the blog, I just throw the words on here and upload the pictures. She is a pill.
The makeup post will go down in history that one.
Nice to know she has fans.
p.s. i have already accumulated over a thousand pictures of Calvin in the month he has been alive. yowzers.

Holly said...

A thousand pictures! Paparazzi Mom! Actually you are fantastic for not being the mom that everyone else had -- the mom who takes a zillion pics of her first baby and then takes a few of the next ones, mostly relying on the school pics. :)

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